Our Local Food Vendors

Our Local Vendors

We support local Northwest Indiana and Southern Michigan farms and offer their produce, meat, eggs and other items in both our Michigan City and Chesterton stores. Check out some of our local partners!



Bee Madness Apiary

Rolling Prairie, Indiana

Our family owned business began in 2010 with just six hives and little knowledge!  Our family has long been involved in agriculture and the bee business was a natural spin-off in the face of the declining bee population and pollination issues associated with honey bee hives.

  • honey

Read more at beemadness.com

Farming For Life

Argos, Indiana

Our goal is restoring the soil and the life therein to sustainability, so that outside inputs are required less and less.

  • sauerkraut, kimchi, & other ferments

  • made with heirloom veggies grown right on the farm

Read more about Farming for Life at FarmingForLife.com

Finn's Ranch

Buchanan, Michigan

Offering Healthy solutions from our family to yours! Chicago Southsiders became farmers!

  • pastured eggs

  • grass-fed beef

Read more at FinnsRanch.com.

Granor Farm

Three Oaks, MI

We grow delicious organic food for our local community. Granor Farm is committed to creating an environment respectful of the land we cultivate, the products we grow, and the local community we serve.

  • vegetables

  • herbs

  • grains

  • flowers

Read more at granorfarm.com

Gunthorp Farms

We deliver the key to not only a healthier diet, but also to a healthier and more sustainable food supply.

  • pastured pork

  • pastured chicken

  • pastured turkey

Read more about Gunthorp Farms at GunthorpFarms.com

Mark Daniels Honey

Chesterton, Indiana

Located on the southern shores of Lake Michigan, in northwest Indiana, is our small apiary. We strive to have chemical free bees. 

  • local honey

Read more at facebook.com/markdanielsbee

Primal Roots Farms

Coloma, Michigan

We believe nature has things figured out already, so our processes always try to mimic the way they would be found in nature.

  • grass-fed, grass-finished beef

  • pastured pork

  • pastured chicken

  • free range eggs

  • seasonal produce

Read about Primal Roots Farms at primalrootsfarms.com

Sanders Farm

Chesterton, Indiana

The Sanders Dairy Farm has been in business over 30 years on a farm that has been in the family for over 130 years. 

  • raw whole milk for pet use

Seven Sons Farm

Roanoke, Indiana

Seven Sons Family Farms was established in 2000 by Lee & Beth Hitzfield and their seven sons. Our mission is simple: to produce nutrient-dense foods that heal and nourish our land and those who eat of its bounty.

  • grass-fed beef

  • pastured pork

  • pastured poultry & eggs

Read more at sevensons.net