Our Local Farmers:

Mooberry Farms (Rolling Prairie, IN)

Mooberry Matt

Mooberry Farms is one of our favorite sources for free-range chickens and eggs, grass-fed beef and pork, as well as seasonal produce. All of the animals are raised outside with with many green plants to eat and also have access to non-GMO feed. The broiler chickens are raised on pastures, and the laying hens are free-range.  Matt says that “this gives them an abundance of sources to find what they want to eat.  This is one of the reasons why our eggs are so tasty and nutritious.” Our customers certainly tend to agree. To learn more, visit MooberryFarms.com

1_Mooberry Collage


Green Spirit Farms (New Buffalo, MI)

Green Spirit Milan

Green Spirit Farms is an indoor vertical farm that offers high-quality, fresh, pesticide-free, Non-GMO, sustainably-grown produce at a fair price. Green spirit is one of our year round sources of kale, lettuce mixes, bok choy, chard, arugula, basil and more. To learn more about the many benefits of vertical farming and what Milan and his team are growing, head on over to GreenSpiritFarms.com

1_Green Spirit Collage


Rainfield Farm (New Carlisle, IN)

1_Rainfield Shane

Rainfield Farm is an organic farm that provides us with eggs and a wide variety of produce ranging from asparagus to zucchini. The farm has recently planted an orchard that includes apple and cherry trees, in addition to pasture-raised chickens. Shane says “We practice organic growing methods which prevent us from using pesticides and synthetic chemicals. We rely heavily on composting and soil conditioning through cover crops, green manure, and crop rotations” and that “organic certification will be obtained in 2015.” Learn more at RainfieldFarm.com

1_Rainfield Farm


Green Sense Farms (Portage, IN)

1_GreenSense Guys

Green Sense Farm is a vertical indoor farm that offers a huge variety of produce that is free of pesticides, herbicides, or GMO seeds. Robert, Carl and their team grow culinary herbs, micro greens and lettuces all year long. They say that “Our recipe-ready plants are sold at the peak of freshness — either still living or freshly cut.” Read on at GreenSenseFarms.com

1_Green Sense


Farming For Life (Argos, IN)

1_Farming For Life Joe

Farming For Life operates a 2-acre farm that is devoted to growing organic produce used for fermented food and beverages. Nature’s cupboard caries a wide variety of their Sauerkraut, kimchi, tonics and other fermented goods. With a major focus on sustainability, Joe says that “We grow heirloom varieties, stimulate soil biological activity with the addition of microbial & mycorhizal mixes and enzymes, humic acids & sea minerals, high quality compost, and plowing down of green manures.” To learn more about the farm, fermented food and the wonder of healthy microbes, visit the farm’s site at  FarmingForLife.com

1_Food For Life Products


Gunthorp Farms (LaGrange, IN)

1_Gunthorp Greg

Gunthorp Farms pasture raises chickens, pigs and turkeys. Operating a 46-acre farm, Greg boasts that all of the animals “never receive antibiotics, hormones, steroids, etc.”. While being allowed to “day range” on grass and clover pastures, the chickens still receive a non-GMO feed mixture. To learn more about the farm’s operations, visit GunthorpFarms.com



Finn’s Ranch (Buchanan, MI)


Finn’s ranch provides our store with eggs and cuts of beef. the Finn Family Says “Our Cattle (Black Angus) are humanely raised, FREE-RANGE beef with NO anti-biotics, growth hormones, or steroids. These cattle are born locally and raised on our farm. They are grass fed in our pasture” read more at FinnsRanch.com