Weekly Local & Organic Co-op Menu:

Another beautiful box this week!  Order Now!

There are two ways to participate in our Produce Co-op. You can order a $38 organic pre-made box containing the following:

2 lbs. Pink Cripps Apples
2 lbs. Bananas
6 oz Shiitake Mushrooms
1 lb. Red Onions
6 oz Blackberries
2 lb. Bartlett Pears
1 lb. Garnett Yams
1 Eggplant

Or you can
build your own box:

Simply commit to one of the sizes below and when you purchase that dollar amount, you will receive 15% off of your total. (Sorry, Bananas, Strawberries Cauliflower, and Avocados are excluded from the discount, only because they are already at a super low price.  Sale items are also excluded.)

Please send your order to no later than 3 pm on Monday, August 21st and your produce will be ready for pick-up after 2 pm on Tuesday, August 22nd.  Please be sure to specify where you would like to pick up your produce, either in Michigan City or Chesterton.  If you need your box delivered, we can also arrange that!  Please just give us a call.

Make Your Own Box Prices:

Small Box $21
Medium Box $35
Large Box $48

Thanks so much for supporting Organic Farming and Local Business!