Immune Boosting Organic Mushrooms by Host Defense

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For many people, the words “fungus” or “mushroom” might bring to mind some negative ideas about health, their home, or even their psyche. However, traditional use of mushrooms as immune and health tonics has been occuring for more than two-thousand years, specifically with the use of Reishi mushroom in China. Today, the wonder of different mushrooms species continues to empower human health, through cooking, supplements and even being put to use for ecological restoration.

In addition to regularly carrying fresh, organic mushrooms in our produce department, Nature’s Cupboard proudly offers the high quality organic mushroom supplements from Paul Stamets’ Host Defense line. HD offers a range of organically grown mushroom products that boast support for immune, energy, antioxidants, heart health, etc. There has even been studies done using Turkey Tail mushroom that have shown a strong potential for the treatment of cancer*.

Here is some information taken from the Host Defense website:

Mushrooms Offer Support for a Multitude of Body Systems 
Examples include support for: Cardiovascular System,  Digestive System, Neurological System, Immune System, Reproductive System, Integumentary (Skin) System, Skeletal System, Muscular System

This can be seen with:

Reishi and the cardiovascular system
Chaga and antioxidant support
Turkey Tail and immune support
Lion’s Mane and brain/nervous system support

Combining mushrooms can provide the following benefits:

• Increased Natural Killer Cell and macrophage numbers and their activity when compared to same sized serving of single species
• Full range of macro- and micronutrients from the mushroomforming mycelium and growth medium
• Whole food nutrition, readily digestible and absorbable by the body
• Novel compounds
• Greater range of nutrients to support the major systems of the body, when compared to taking a single species

Check out this footage of Paul Stamets speaking about the health benefits of mushrooms at TEDMED in 2011: